Hilary Halba and Stuart Young - Proposed Titles for Recycling Reality on Stage



Remodelling reality:  an approach to staging verbatim theatre. 

This would discuss the approach to documentary theatre that we have pioneered, drawing variously on the techniques of Alecky Blythe and Anna Deavere Smith.  From the former we use the device of relaying to actors via mp3 players testimony recorded in interviews.  Meanwhile, in rehearsal the actors study intently the edits they re-enact. Therefore, in performance, the actors replicate as accurately as possible each inflection, gesture, accent, hesitation, involuntary movement, and so forth, of the interviewee. 



Retrieving and transforming the past through documentary theatre.

This would discuss the reception and effects of Hush: A Verbatim Play about Family Violence, which re-tells stories about a topic that is often buried in silence and shame.


Please note: although we would both write the paper/speech, only Stuart Young would attend the conference and deliver that speech.