Recycling Reality on Stage

Documentary Theatre and Dramaturgy in East-Central Europe


What can be brought to stage of the present of the East-Central European societies? How can elements of reality be transformed into theatre or drama? Why is documentary theatre less popular in this part of Europe? What social processes can verbatim theatre support or initiate? These and similar questions will be discussed at the conference titled Recycling Reality on Stage, which will be organized within the framework of Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest, between 1-3th December 2011.


The aim of our conference is to initiate a dialogue between theatre practitioners, researchers, playwrights, dramaturges and social scientists about the increasingly challenging documentary theatre tendencies in East-Central Europe. These approaches are usually hallmarked by an intensive social engagement, as theatre makers often venture the factual, research-based presentation of topics which are covered up by censorship, corruption and politics; while in other cases they attempt to stage eternal taboos: like death. Statements, intriguing case studies, challenging debates and documentary performances (One Hour and 18 Minutes by Teatr.doc, Russia and Word for Word by PanoDrama, Hungary) wait for you in Budapest.


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