Olivier Mouginot (FR)

Olivier Mouginot (FR)

Director, author, translator.

Was born in 1980. Graduated from the National Higher School of Arts and Theatre Techniques in Lyon as a playwright in the class of Enzo Cormann.

Lately he’s been traveling through Africa working for the French cultural network.

From 2009, he is the artistic director of the company L’organisation with the director and actress Laetitia Lalle Bi Bénie. The Lyon-based company maintains many relations in Mexico, Japan, Central Africa and France. They’re engaged in various activities: literary animations, theatre productions, expositions, publications and manifestations in France and abroad as well.

His works (as a writer): Jeu, Toute cette neige, Je suis toute décousue, I am a man, Hoover. (as a director): The night just before the forests by Bernard-Marie Koltès, A Tempest by Aimé Césaire, Dézafi based on the book of the Haitian writer, Frankétienne, I am a man.

Most of his works focuses on the connection between Fiction and History.