David Schwartz (RO)

David Schwartz (RO)

David Schwartz is a theatre director and community artist based in Bucharest and interested in personal history theatre, documentary film and theatre, art for social emancipation. He graduated the Faculty of Theatre Directing (2007) and the MA in Contemporary Performance Directing (2009), at the National University of Theatre and Cinematography Bucharest. He also studied History of Art.

He is a co-founder of tangaProject independent theatre platform.

He directed together with Ioana Paun the site-specific performances Let’s Food! (2006) and Locked (part of Protect project, 2006). He directed the performances Powder Keg (text by Dejan Dukovski, 2007), Get Out! (text by Mihaela Michailov, 2007), Ragged (text by Mihaela Michailov after Chuck Palahniuk, 2008), Romania! Kiss me (text by Bogdan Georgescu, 2009), Make Room! (text by Mihaela Michailov, 2009), Heated Minds (text by Mihaela Michailov, 2010), I Declare at My Own Risk (text by Alina Serban, 2011).

Together with tangaProject, David worked on several community art projects: Rahova Nonstop (2006), Build Your Community! (2007), Evacuation of the House of Students (2008), 4th Age (2009-present).

Together with Mihaela Michailov, in 2009 he initiated June 13-15 1990 -  project for researching and performing recent history, focusing on riots and movements of students and workers in post-socialist Romania.

In the frame of 4th Age - community art programme developed together with the residents of Moses Rosen elderly home – he took part in several community shows performed by the elder residents: Romanians, change sides! 23 august 1944 (2010), focusing on the historical event from the perspective of the inhabitants of Rosen Home; Moses Stories (2010), based on personal stories of the residents; Life of Objects (2011), dealing with the relation of the elderly with personal objects.

He attended several workshops held by Mikhail Durnenkov and Evgheni Kazachkov (Teatr Dok, Moscow), Richard Foreman and Sophie Havilland (Bridge Project, New York), Bogdan Georgescu (tangaProject, Bucharest), This Maag (Berlin), Klaus Schumacher (Schauspielhaus, Hamburg), Warner&Consorten (Amsterdam), Sebastien Brünger (Rimini Protokoll, Berlin).

He owns a collection of porcelain figures, gadgets and souvenirs, that was part of the Collecting Collectors visual art exhibition curated by Anca Benera and Stefan Tiron (Bucharest 2008).

He owns a personal travel weblog that documents his travels outside Bucharest: https://tzestoasatraseista.blogspot.com/