Three Hard Days in Budapest with Documentary Theatre - The Conference Is Over

05/12/2011 12:13

Dear Friends,

With a visit to the National Theatre, watching to exciting and long performances based on contemporary texts and a closing party at the National Theatre the conference finished (late) Saturday night. Before drawing any conclusions, in the name of the organizers, I wish to say thanks to all the participants and the members of the audience for taking part in our event. I hope you all had a great time in Budapest and will think of these three short days as of something both pleasand and useful for your future work.

I hope you could all find some interesting presentations and case studies which you think it's worth looking into in more detail. Please help us spreading the news of these theatre events and help us disseminate the findings of this conference.

Here I would also like to thank the indispensible work of our hosts, the Central European Cultural Insitute, our supporters, first and foremost the International Visegrad Fund, our technical providers (Absolute Conference Service) and our volunteers with the help of whom the conference could not have taken place.

I hope we will see each other again soon.

Warmest wishes

Attila Szabó, Zsófia Balassa