1 December 4.00 pm

01/12/2011 16:00



Book launch

Presented by Thomas IRMER and Attila SZABÓ

Venue: Polish Institute

Budapest VI., Nagymező u. 15.



The two-volume collection of papers, issued by Creatív Média, is a singular attempt of uniting the effort of nearly forty researchers and practitioners from Central Europe to think about the social impact of theatre after collapse of the Iron Curtain. When and how did the Central European theatre start to be socially involved again and contribute actively to the social process of Coming to Term with the Past? How did the new global theatre tendencies spread in our region after the Regime Changes and how did the heritage of the past live on? What are the newly emerged topics? How did the position of plays and playwrights change? What are the similarities and differences in the theatre timelines and histories of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria? The set of volumes edited by Attila Szabó and Joanna Krakowska are based on the two international conferences organized by the Contemporary Drama Festival Budapest in 2008 and 2009. The papers are supplemented by an edited transcript of the roundtable discussions and a DVD with performance excerpts.

Lauched at Kolibri Pince  Budapest, VI. Andrássy út 77., 1 December, 4 PM.