2 December 9.10-3.00 pm

02/12/2011 09:10


WHAT? Themes and History of Documentary Theatre. Statements

chair: Attila SZABÓ


09.10-09.30 Thomas IRMER (D): After a Decade of New Documentary Theatre – where do we go from here?


09.30-09.45 Andrea TOMPA (HU): Documentary as Oblivion (And a Little Bit of Memory): Nature Theater of Oklahoma


09.45-10.00 Péter P. MÜLLER (HU): Fact and Fiction, Document and Fantasy – Is There a Difference, and Does It Matter At All?


10.00-10.15 Joachim FIEBACH (D): Laying Bare Realities


coffee break



Daria FEHÉROVA (SK): Natural and Artificial Ways of Remembering Slovak History



Kornélia DERES (HU): Whose Story and Why? Documentary Theatre and Its Protagonists



David SCHWARTZ (RO): I Declare, at My Own Risk … (case study)


coffee break


11.45-12.30 Debate

To what extent can documentary theatre be considered a new phenomenon, or has it always existed in a way, but called on a different name? How can we interpret the relationship between history and documentary drama?


12.30-13.30 Lunch


HOW? Dramaturgy and Theatre Tools of Documentary Theatre STATEMENTS               

chair: Katalin VECSEY (HU/USA)



Joanna BIERNACKA (PL): "Transfer!" by Jan Klata



Petra ARDAI (HU/NL): Space Theatre Group and the Politics of the Personal



Olivier MOUGINOT (FR): A fiction Not Like the Others



Stuart YOUNG (NZ)-Hilary HALBA: Remodelling Reality: an Approach to Staging Verbatim Theatre.



Balázs VARGA (HU): The Naked Truth? Problems of Reality in Dogma 95 Cinema



coffee break



Jan ŠIMKO (SK): Heavy metal. Stories of workers of the Steal Factory in Košice (case study)



Jana SVOBODOVA (CZ) - Anna GRUSKOVÁ: 1989 - Window of Opportunity - Docudrama in Reverse Order (case Study)



Gianina CǍRBUNARIU (RO): Documents from the Romanian State Security Archives – Fiction and Reality (case study)


coffee break


16.15-17.00 Debate

Theatre aesthetics versus documentary theatre? A false contradiction? Thousand ways of staging documentary theatre