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05/12/2011 12:13

Three Hard Days in Budapest with Documentary Theatre - The Conference Is Over

Dear Friends, With a visit to the National Theatre, watching to exciting and long performances based on contemporary texts and a closing party at the National Theatre the conference finished (late) Saturday night. Before drawing any conclusions, in the name of the...


03/12/2011 19:00

3 December 7.00 pm

Nemzeti Színház (National Theatre) – Nagyszínpad (Main Stage) We Live Once or the Sea Disappears in Nothingness Thereafter - Egyszer élünk avagy a tenger azontúl tűnik semmiségbe by István MOHÁCSI, János MOHÁCSI and Márton KOVÁCS (220’) a Nemzeti Színház production Directed by János...


03/12/2011 15:00

3 December 3.00 pm

Nemzeti Színház (National Theatre) - Gobbi Hilda Színpad (Gobbi Hilda Stage) Hungarian Feast - Magyar Ünnep by ZÁVADA Pál (175’) a Nemzeti Színház production Directed by Róbert ALFÖLDI with English subtitles


03/12/2011 14:00

3 December 13.30

The documentary drama competition which had been organized by the National Theatre Budapest. presented by Róbert ALFÖLDI, the director of the National Theatre   Venue: National Theatre - Nemzeti Színház Budapest IX., Bajor Gizi Park 1.


03/12/2011 09:30

3 December 9.00 am - 1.00 pm

WHY? WHY NOT? Reception and Functions of Documentary Theatre STATEMENTS chair: Andrea TOMPA 9.15-9.30 An Introduction of the Central European Cultural Institute   09.30-09.45 Catherine DECASTEL (FR): Can the Effects of Some Documentary Theatre Projects in Stimulating Certain Social...


02/12/2011 22:00

2 December 10.00 pm

Stúdió K Színház (Studio K Theatre) Sober's Silence - Józanok csendje by Géza CSÁTH-Kinga MEZEI-Kata GYARMATI (85’) a Stúdió K Színház production Directed by Kinga MEZEI with English simultaneous interpretation


02/12/2011 20:00

2 December 8.00 pm

Trafó Kortárs Művészetek Háza (Trafó House of Contemporary Arts) One Hour Eighteen (Minutes) - Egy óra tizennyolc (perc) (90’) a Teatr.doc production Directed by Mikhail UGAROV in Russian, with Hungarian subtitles with Post-show talk with the audience about the questions posed in the...


02/12/2011 18:00

2 December 6.00 pm

Nemzeti Színház (National Theatre) - Gobbi Hilda Színpad (Gobbi Hilda Stage) Word for Word - Szóról szóra (90’) a PanoDráma production Concept and creative production by Anna LENGYEL with English simultaneous interpretation


02/12/2011 09:10

2 December 9.10-3.00 pm

  WHAT? Themes and History of Documentary Theatre. Statements chair: Attila SZABÓ   09.10-09.30 Thomas IRMER (D): After a Decade of New Documentary Theatre – where do we go from here?   09.30-09.45 Andrea TOMPA (HU): Documentary as Oblivion (And a Little Bit of...


02/12/2011 09:00

2 December 9.00 am